6 songs, 6 artworks, 6 augmented realities.
With Limb_o I managed to put together talented people living in different areas, to bring my art alive through sound, vision and augmented reality.

Limb_o is a project to make my art inspired by my music, to come alive through a live show while each piece is powered by augmented reality.
I started by composing the music, then I asked Andrea Sportelli and Helena Tang to help me with the lyrics and to interpret, with their voices, my tunes.

Francesca Errichiello had to interpret the poses I had in mind, and she used model Grazia Malafronte to be the muse for most of the shots.

Francesco Tambone, at S88live, recorded, mastered the album and has been in charge of creating the background for us to lay our music.

Limb_o is also avilable on very limited editions on vinyl. Contact me to reserve a signed copy.

The album is also available through all the online stores:
iTunes: Limb_o Roberto Grosso
Spotify: Limb_o Roberto Grosso
Amazon: Limb_o Roberto Grosso
Google Play: Limb_o Roberto Grosso

13 May 2017